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{ Design | Lasvit’s Neverending Glory Collection }

 Minimalist Chandelier Illuminators 
Lasvit means love and light in Czech, but founder Leon Jakimic prefers 
another two-word definition for his company: “ Bohemian perfection.”
 It’s a balance that Lasvit has mastered by combining creativity and traditional craftsmanship with rigorous attention to detail. 
In addition to its glass-blowing atelier in the Czech Republic, the company operates research and development 
facilities for glass design, technology, manufacture, and engineering. 
 With the mission of creating perfect experiences through light, glass, and design, 
Lasvit has rapidly emerged as a leading designer and manufacturer of custom contemporary light fixtures, 
architectural glass installations, and lighting collections.
 The company also has a sharp eye for collaborators, having created works with Ross Lovegrove, Nendo, Arik Levy, 
Fabio Novembre, and the Prague-based duo of Jan Plechác and Henry Wielgus.
Now at work on a new project for Lasvit, Plechác and Wielgus are also interested in expanding their debut collection, 
perhaps taking the “Neverending” part to heart. 
“We wanted to create just a ghost of the original chandeliers, or just the soul, the shadow, the shine of the original ones,” says Plechác. 
“If you imagine the grand, original chandeliers in these opera houses, they’re glorious, and the ‘neverending’ 
part relates to the profiles and the idea of infinite rotation—a neverending glory.”
This dynamic set of 5 illuminators by Lasvit reinterprets some of the most famed candleholder 
silhouettes seen throughout the world of theatre and performance art. 
The lighting line references iconic theatres and concert halls from around the globe that include 
La Scala to Palais Garnier and the Metropolitan Opera of Bolshoi among others. 
Modernizing tradition, this collection of contemporary lighting fixtures achieves bold minimalism at its best ! 

The Parisienne 

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