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{ Book | Hideyuki Niwa Japanese Contemporary Floral Art }

 A wonderfully creative approach to Japanese Floral design 

Surrounded by flowers from a very young age, the decision to become a floral designer was anoabvious one for Hideyuki Niwa. To keep on challenging himself, Niwa often takes part in competitions and tries creating and photographing a new design every day to get a thorough understanding of the characteristics of flowers and their possibilities. His classic, linear style and minimalist expression with careful placement of plant materials, quintessential characteristics of the Japanese aesthetic concent wabi sabi, rightfully won him a Bronze Leaf in the 2010/2011 editio and he Gold Leaf in the 2012/2013 edition of Stichting Kunstboek's prestigious International Floral Art.
Nascono le "Mixture".  Definisce cosi le sue opere un giovane Floral artist giapponese, che combina fiori e materiali in modo inedito e straordinario. Una raccolta di immagini e colori dallo stile lineare e minimalista. Da collezionare!

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