mercoledì 18 settembre 2013

{ Zara | The perfect winter Coat }

 Be Covered 

 A winter coat is always the biggest purchase of the year and now is the time to start looking for your coat
 before the weather turns too chilly - and the best ones sell out. 
My idea is that " A good coat is fashionable yet timeless" . 
So Buy the best coat you can afford. You'll be wearing this coat every day for the next few months
 so be prepared to spend a little more to ensure you get the best quality and a coat that will last . 
This year i find my way at  Zara,  Monochromatic colour schemes and mix-and-match patterns
 (of all the current autumn trends, perhaps a very favourite is borrowed from the boys) 
menswear-inspired and oversized coats. Love at the first sight, with a good price too!
There is no doubt that the brand has developed a strength in the coat department, 
offering a wide range of cuts, colours and good materials. 

What's your winter's choice? Timeless, classic or fashionable ?

The Parisienne 

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  1. davvero bello il primo ma temo non sia adatto alla mia piccola statura!

  2. Stunning! The pink one is amazing! Dream it!
    xxx Sarah.

  3. Beautiful, love the first one!

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  4. ohh i love too much this model of coat!

  5. cute|!! ; ]

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  6. I am totally in love with all the over sized pink coats! So soft!! Love the one you chose!


    Julia from


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