giovedì 23 maggio 2013

{ Real woman | In Birkin we trust }

 Beauty Suggestion #Janebirkin  
In my opinion, no one effortless a beauty example better than ’60s chanteuse and actress Jane Birkin. 
Her tousled hair and glowing, fresh face really expressed summertime beauty. 
Jane’s makeup was simple and very natural. The biggest step to recreating her look is beautiful, clean skin. 
Once you achieve that you’ll need a perfect mascara , soft brow blush, peachy nude lipstick, and messy natural hair. 
Currently my ideal make up ...

The Parisienne 

4 commenti:

  1. So true my dear, so true!
    I love her style, her natural beuty, LOVE!

  2. She was stunning! Thank you for share these beauty suggestions!!!!
    xxx Sarah.

  3. She was gorgeous, she's such an inspiration! :)



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