lunedì 22 aprile 2013

{ Unique Interiors }

Precious Little Things
The white walls, the mirror, the mantel and fireplace, the chandelier, 
the dark hardwood floors, the over-sized tufted ottoman
...everything abut this makes me swoon!
Goodnight you all my lovely readers!

The Parisienne

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  1. I love your blog! It's so nice! We can follow each other if you want on Bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect? That would be great!

  2. nice; DDD

    new post


  3. Love this!

  4. I love a classy, sexy room!

  5. That over-sized tufted ottoman is awesome.

  6. We didn't know about your blog and is so interesting! we will be updated :)

  7. Good choice on the ottoman!! nice colour too. Following u on gfc =)
    Have a great and lovely weekend :))


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