lunedì 18 febbraio 2013

{ Trend Report | It's all about Stripes }

 New trends for Spring/Summer’13 
Fashion Week was unanimous: Summer 2013 will be striped. Whether skinny or fat, minimal or psychedelic, 
stripes every which way produced graphic silhouettes on the catwalk.  Very groovy!
Will you be including bold and/or classic stripes into your Spring/Summer 2013 looks?
( Photo Credit : Tommy Ton )

The Parisienne

10 commenti:

  1. Great photo! Loving stripes...
    Can't wait!!!
    xxx Sarah.

  2. I love stripes, aaaaaaaall kind of them.
    And I'm so happy of this trend.
    Have a nice evening.
    A big kiss,

  3. Ready to follow the trend! Amazing pic!!!! - Isabelle Cta

  4. Stripes!! Love them!
    I want that skirt and pants <3


  5. Mi piace molto la seconda giacca della foto, e alcune viste in giro nelle nuove collezioni. Questo trend credo lo cavalcherò in blazer:)

  6. Beautiful photo! I can't wait for summer and to pull off a stripes look.




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