giovedì 10 gennaio 2013


This season the British designer opted for a more established milieu to showcase her new collection:
 the uptown headquarters of the Americas Society. “You know I’m actually half New Yorker, from this part of town,”
 said the designer. “And the collection speaks to that.” If you happened to step through the society’s double doors last night, 
past the unicorn ice sculpture, up the wooden staircase, and into a chandelier-lit vestibule, you would have found a modern tableau 
of sophistication: models dressed in mixed-media velvet and silk dresses, having their portraits painted by a trio of artists.
 In fact, the languid color-block looks were reminiscent of Abstract Expressionist works hanging in any number of storied museums
 north of Fifty-ninth Street. In the hallway stood a cluster of girls in bold, striped cocktail-hour cropped pants and blouses—one 
of whom had an oversize camel coat casually thrown over her shoulder, a nod,said McCartney,
 to the wardrobe of her eternally chic American mother, Linda.  

Basically, this is everything I want to wear and more. Stella's collections are always so refined, 
and I'm really getting a refined and minimal note from the Pre-Fall 2013 collections. Totally in LOVE. 

    ( Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney )

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  1. oh what a beautiful collection!!!

  2. The colors and the shapes! s t u n n i n g!
    xxx Sarah.

  3. That collection looks great. And yes, I would like to follow each other via bloglovin. I am following you now, I am num 431. Now your turn. Have a nice day.

  4. Really love the new collection!


  5. Wow awesome collection, i lurv stella! ofcourse i wanna follow, i am following u now, thank for visiting my blog. its ur turn.

  6. I wasn't totally in love with this collection, but did like the first look, especially the black and white accents and the little shoulder bag. x

  7. Wauw, I'm in love with the orange coat.

    LOVE BO,


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