mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

{ Trend Report | Hey You, Beanie is back! }

 A Cheap way to Look Stylish 
It's fall, It's the right time! Why?
 It's time to forage your closet for those autumn accessories.
Because windy days and cooler weather calls for something on your head.
Because you can style yourself with these cute little things on head.
Because Jil Sander brought a beanie back for the spring '12,
 and now it's one of the main accessories in street wear. 
Because it seems to be one of the more popular hat trends for this winter's season. 
Because you could wear it in a different style or mix and match it up to your style. 
 And here some tips how to style it in a fashionista way, so now It’s all up to you!
Oh, how I love you beanie…

The Parisienne

11 commenti:

  1. great photos; DD

    new post |!!

  2. That's a really good trend to follow this winter!
    xxx Sarah.

  3. I love beanies sooo much! Btw cool pics :)

  4. love it! i like beanies :))

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  5. bellissima selezione!!!

    un click un voto per me se vorrete ora sul mio blog! :)

  6. Looove hats! i have a lot of them.
    I wear a headscarf, but in wintertime i wear hats a lot.

    xO Arezu

  7. Magnifiche immagini, poi i cappelli mi piacciono molto, sono capaci di dare personalità all'outfit e poi sono così caldi!!

  8. Adoro qualsiasi tipo di cappello, d'inverno sono fondamentali, soprattutto questi di lana grossa ne ho un sacco! <3

    Once Upon a Time..

  9. I love wearing beanies :), such a nice and comfy look!


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