lunedì 15 ottobre 2012

{ Trend Report : Kenzo Tiger Embroidery Sweater }

  Green Winter Wishlist 
 Everyone is crazy about the Tiger Kenzo sweater ! 
       Forget all the Nordic printed knitted sweaters we’ve seen the last couple of years.
The upcoming fall it’s all about the cool printed ones. One example? 
 Kenzo has re-released the " Kenzo tiger sweater ", and in a few weeks became an object of desire of many stylist, 
fashion bloggers,models and insiders of the fashion world to such an extent that it is now sold out almost everywhere!
 If you were lucky enough to buy one, here's how the fashion victim wear it. 

The Parisienne

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12 commenti:

  1. favorite look with the jeans and heels! xo

  2. my favorite look is with the jeans too!
    you have a new follower!
    passes from me if you like, I'd love to!

  3. You're right: everyone is crazy about this sweater... and i'm crazy about it too!!
    But now I'm thinking that is beacoming a little overview, don't you?

  4. Super!

  5. beautiful, i would love to own one!

  6. The new object of desire for this fall!
    xx Sarah.

  7. That is one amazing sweatshirt!


  8. Ditemi quello che volete ma a me quella felpa non piace proprio.. vista e stravista durante le fashion weeks.. è passata dall'originale al banale in un batter d'occhio!

  9. THE jumper at the moment :) i kind of like it but wouldnt propably spend 200$ on a jumper if you know what i mean.
    xx m

  10. love the sweater



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