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{ Fashion Model:Carolina Thaler }

 Looks and Interview 
Are there any designers in particular who you like working with? 
I like Prada. I love Prada. We did a fitting, and it was at 2 a.m. because you have to wait a long time to do fittings. There are many girls, and everyone has her time. I got there at 10 p.m., and it was one day before the show. I wore a long coat and trousers. It was beautiful. But the [seamstresses] are really working hard and they really concentrate, so they don't talk to you. 

Is there ever any hair and makeup that makes you hesitant?
The [bejeweled] Chanel eyebrows [from fall 2012] — they were really hard to take off after. I mean, it wasn't that hard, but I think two days later, I still had some glue on my face. But at Prada [fall 2012], it took four hours to do the whole thing, like two hours in hair and two hours in makeup. The hair, they had really, really straight and it had to be perfect and you couldn't really move, and the makeup was really intense. Even the eyebrows — they were bleached, and after, colored orange. 
Let's get personal: What is your guilty pleasure?Shoes. I just bought these in Paris. When I saw these on, I was so happy. They're Balenciaga. But I have so many shoes at home — so many high heels. I don't know how many pairs, but most I don't use anymore. I just like to keep them. 
What do you think is the best advice you've been given during your career so far? Never give up. You can get one "no" in your face, another "no," another "no." That doesn’t mean you're not good. Everyone has [his or her] own time … Even if I finished modeling now, I would say I've had a nice experience, got to travel a lot, and I grew up so much. I was such a baby, but I had no choice. Otherwise, I wouldn't work.

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  5. She's such an exotic-looking model and reading this interview shows how much they have to go through i.e. the long hours getting their hair and makeup absolutely perfect. I think these photographs are really pretty as well, love this post! Thanks for sharing x :)

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  6. oh i love her style! so chic, stunning and inspiring xx

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  7. Carolina is truly stunning! Love these photos. And the interview was great. In particular I love her response about growing up. The fashion industry is a tough industry and often not a 9 to 5 gig. It requires a lot hard work and diligence.

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  8. Great interview! I am actually mesmerized by the first and last look on the photos!!


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  9. she looks so stunning!


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  10. Wow, thanks so much for this interview! It's so great to get a sneak peek at a model's life :) I'm inspired!

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