mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

{ Givenchy }

New lovely things

"Just because every day is a fashion show & the world is our runway..."

The Parisienne

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  1. Sono bellissimi!! Ma non voglio sapere il prezzo, ho paura! Si potrebbero fare DIY, sarebbero sicuramente più economici :)

    Cheap is Chic

  2. Fantastici!! Sopratutto quello con la catena d'oro ;)

  3. Hi Parisienne :-D I liked your facebook fanpage, and thanks a lot for putting the like to mine. Now, what about following each other on blogs? With GFC :D Your new Givenchy bangles are to die for. And let me swear this blog is so mch my style! You ave me a lot of inspiration. Now you are in my top sites on the Mac :-D

    wait for you on
    Follow me and I'll do the same!

  4. Gorgeous bracelets! I am a new follower! Warm wishes, Isabelle

  5. Stupendi, soprattutto quello nero e oro (voglio sapere il prezzo!) Comunque eccomi qui, sono passata e ti seguo, aspetto anche te nel mio blog! Un bacione

  6. I'd love to follow you :)
    The bracelets look really cool! I am totally into those kind of jewellery!

    Love, Dominique


  7. Sure, let's follow each other! Love the bracelets!:)


    ~Style Emphasis

  8. What gorgeous pieces! You have a great blog btw. Following you =)

  9. Love them ! ;D
    Big kiss from:


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