lunedì 5 settembre 2011

{Ready To Wear : Munthe plus Simonsen}

 Show & Fashion - Winter 2011-12 
 “The wonderful thing about the North is its fickleness" 

The teasing playful summer gives way to a crisp and sombre winter, with snow crunching under frozen toes and naked trees, which stand like dumb waiters by the roadside.
We change pelt and adapt, but we still want to dress up, sparkle and be noticed.
Colours that reflect nature, together with bronze and golden hues that glisten like the embers of an abandoned fire.
Dress in beautiful lace, the softest leather, ripped fur, and magical prints. Keep warm in luxury handknits and 
sink into the billowing arms of silk.
 "Stay warm in a cool hour.” 

Just in love for
 Munthe plus Simonsen! 
                                                        The Parisienne.

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9 commenti:

  1. Bel post e grazie per aver condiviso queste immagini! Alessia

  2. I love your writing style! It's so beautiful!


  3. @TheChiliCool @Plami : thank you Girls for your kind words , i really appreciate! - Grazie Alessia!

  4. Loving this creations! Thank's for let me know this new designer!
    With affection .


  5. Love the wide obi belt and the smooth leather designs!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Love this collection, thanks for sharing...I would have never known about this brand otherwise


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