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{Bill Gaytten Creative Director at John Galliano}

PARIS – The house that John Galliano built is now that of 
Bill Gaytten. The New Creative Director.

Never heard of him? 
Born 1960 in Cheltenham, England, educated at Oldham Grammar School Bill Gaytten completed his studies with a degree in Architecture, from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. 
But rather than pursue this design field instead he took these skills and applied this precision to the line and construction of fashion.  He worked for three years at Victor Edelstein before joining John Galliano where he has worked for twenty-three years. Gaytten’s expertise to innovate patterns, 
cut and drape are what define the DNA of the house. 

But Gaytten,who impressed with his collection at the Menswear Fashion Week in Paris,
is not excited about his new role. 
"It's the same job for me, i've been doing it for a long time.The menswear show was a bit different because John wasn't there.
I'm dying to know what he thinks" he said.

Bill Gaytten il nuovo erede di John Galliano 
alla guida dell’omonimo brand. 

Designer inglese di 51 anni e da 23 stretto collaboratore di John Galliano, ha assunto il ruolo di direttore creativo durante l’ultima sfilata dell’omonimo brand venerdì scorso a Parigi. 
Lo stilista britannico, che ha studiato alla Bartlett School di Architettura presso lo University College of London, è stato al fianco di Galliano per ventitré anni e non è nuovo allo spirito e al concept della maison guidata fino a poco tempo fa dall’istrionico fashion designer nato a Gibilterra.
Al termine della sfilata della collezione John Galliano uomo primavera estate 2012 andata in scena a Parigi venerdì 24 giugno 2011, Bill Gaytten è uscito sulla passerella per i ringraziamenti ufficiali.

"Per me è lo stesso lavoro di sempre l’ho fatto per tantissimi anni, l’unica cosa è che John non era al mio fianco." ha detto il designer e ha aggiunto "speriamo che la sfilata sia piaciuta a John".

 John Galliano Spring/Summer 2012 
 Menswear runway show in Paris 

Inspired by the artist and the vibrant 1960s London Pop Art scene Galliano Homme is fresh and eclectic, and making a Big Splash for Spring/Summer 2012. 


"I am sure He will be back soon!"
The Parisienne.

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  1. This collection is really edgy :).

  2. Based on this collection I can tell that he's capable of doing great designs, tat respect John's legacy...

    Although, I think that after the scandal, if LVMH didn't want to support Galliano anymore, they should have just closed his brand. To fire someone from it's own brand, that one he created and gave name is wrong and unfair.... John Galliano should only be replaced at John Galliano after his death or retirement, regardless of what he did or didn't do!

    That being said, and since the main owners of the brand (LVMH) don't agree with me, Bill Gaytten seems to be a good choice

  3. Amazing collection, i really like it, and i really appreciate the great
    work of Bill!

  4. Ahhh I love this!!! I really wish guys dressed like this all the time!! lol!!


  5. This collection is ah-mazing, we love the hairstyles on the models! Great post.

  6. Galliano will love this collection. The clothing looks like the stuff he wears himself! Look at that hat! And those feathers! This is a definite nod to the label's namesake.


  7. I always love everything Mulberry related :D

  8. wonderful photos!! these are such great looks <3

  9. nice blog and this is sooo GAlliano love the collection Im sure he will be back as well!! He better be (but sober) ;)




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