lunedì 30 maggio 2011

{ How to wear : a Red Jacket Blazer }

 Formal,Casual and lovely Glam 

                        Red Jacket is a very versatile piece. 
  It can be glam, it can be chic and it can even be a little funky.
   * It goes with jeans, it goes with your little black dress, it goes with casual cotton tops.
                  * It works with dresses, it works with skirts and it works with pants.
           * It works with heels and with flats and it works with a wide range of colors: 
                                             black, white, grey, ivory, beige....
                                      My personal advice?
                  DON'T match it with… red. One statement piece per outfit is enough.
 Everybody's doing it !
            (Photos via: web,fashion zen,stockholm street style,chic muse)
                                The Parisienne

14 commenti:

  1. Bellissimo il blazer rosso! Kate Moss il top ^^

  2. I wish my casual would look like this.

  3. Oh I love red blazers! I am looking for one but unfortunately cannot find one... Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. adoro il rosso , specialmente se è un blazer rosso *___*

  5. i have designed a red blazer for my new collection, i think it's a must have!

  6. Oh Parisienne as always i really love your fashion post!
    I need, i want now a new red blazer!
    Thank you for inspire me....

    xoxo by Christine.

  7. Really like the idea of the red blazer, actually I'm looking forward to buy one.


  8. nice ideas! i love red blazers!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  9. red jackets are so, so great. it's something that I definitely want for the fall. i love this collection of photographs you have here.

  10. Adoro la foto di Miroslava... ed il suo stile è che unico...!
    ciao, Veronica.


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