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{ Fabulous 50's }

        1950 - Delightfully Retrò ...
Fashion in the fifties brought glamour to austerity Britain. Women adopted the 
New Look of Christian Dior. 
In the mid fifties, Chanel's simple suit provided an alternative and 
created a much copied fashion that lasted well into the sixties.
 When Rock n'roll came along, young girls stopped looking like their 
mothers and adopted a more youthful look.

                                   Balenciaga 1951            1951 Hattie Carnegie Fashions
Jacques Fath Paris 1955

                                   The Cover Magazine 
Harper's Bazaar January 1957 

Vogue - October 1956
Dior 1951 - Life Magazine
Christian Dior dominated fashion in the fifties.
The Dior look was challenged in the mid fifties when Coco Chanel introduced her new Chanel suit. It was a simple design, featuring a just below the knee skirt and a collarless jacket finished with gold braid. Chanel's suit was much copied by the ready-to-wear fashion houses. It quickly became the standard formal look for women at all social levels.
The Chanel style look remained a favourite style for most of the sixties too. Even as late as 1969 in the film, Kes, Billy's mother (Mrs Casper played by Lynne Perrie) wore a Chanel style suit when going out on Saturday night. She was middle-aged rather than young, and working class rather than posh.

The Accessories
Hansen Gloves                       Cartier Jewellery 1956
The theme of glamour continued through a brief look at 1950's fashion accessories such as the importance of hats and berets, the brooch corsage, gloves and bags, flat and stiletto shoes, a spiked umbrella and make up.
1955 Hats
1956 Stiletto Shoes and Balmain Fur.    

1950's Fashion
(photos via

The Parisienne

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