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  Vivienne Westwood - Do it Yourself
 a film by Letmiya Sztalryd and Jean-Marie Sztalryd
Finally a portrait of the English queen of fashion that reveals a woman of multiple talents: artist, intellectual, and subversive provocateur of the punk movement in the 70s.
 Preview at Colette (213 RUE SAINT-HONORÉ 75001 PARIS).

Un Film di Letmiya Sztalryd e Jean-Marie Sztalryd.
Un ritratto ufficiale dell'indiscussa regina della moda inglese ,la donna dai molteplici talenti:
artista,intellettuale e provocatrice sovversiva del movimento punk degli anni '70.

                          The Books 
          YSL - La Rèvolution de la mode
Exhibition Catalogue of the eponymous exhibition held at the Fondation 
Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint-Laurent from March 5th to July 17th, 2011. 
The opening of the Saint-Laurent Rive Gauche boutique in 1966 (at 21 rue de Tournon in the 6th) was a revolution in fashion, marking the true birth of ready-to-wear. 
Yves Saint Laurent's creations spoke to all 
women and not only to clients of Haute Couture. 
Establishing a permanent 
dialogue between women, the street, and himself,
 he decisively backed their empowerment.

L'apertura della boutique di Saint-Laurent Rive Gauche,
nel 1966 ( a rue de Tournon ) è stato l'inizio della rivoluzione
nel mondo della moda, che segnò la vera nascita del prèt-à-porter.

Alexander McQueen 
British fashion journalist and blogger Kristin Knox 
presents this tribute to Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) and celebrates the incredible creations of an iconic, imaginative, and inspirational fashion designer.
 More than just a visionary, McQueen’s exceptional tailoring skills allowed him to execute his avant-garde and dramatic vision in a way that was both believable,
 accessible yet inconceivably beautiful. 
He was a friend to many in the industry and an 
inspiration to an entire 
generation of young designers and creatives.
 A Must-have for fashion lovers. 

Giornalista di moda inglese e blogger Kristin Knox
presenta questo omaggio a Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) e celebra le incredibili creazioni di uno stilista iconico, fantasioso, e fonte di ispirazione per un intera 
generazione di designer e creativi di tutto il mondo.

The Parisienne.

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