mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

{ It's always the right time to be in Paris }

Finally the departure day is coming fastand while I prepare my suitcase, my mind is already in ParisI will spend the next few wonderful days in what I consider one of the most beautiful capitals of the world (just one hour's flight from my home),
 with the most important person in my life, and some good friends. 
So...what else? Everything is going to be Amazing!

"Per Parigi non ci sarà mai fine e i ricordi di chi ci ha vissuto differiscono tutti gli uni 
dagli altri. Si finiva sempre per tornarci, a Parigi, chiunque fossimo, comunque
essa fosse cambiata o quali che fossero le difficoltà, o la facilità con la quale
si poteva raggiungerla. Parigi ne valeva sempre la pena e qualsiasi
dono tu le portassi ne ricevevi qualcosa in cambio.
Ma questa era la Parigi dei bei tempi andati, quando eravamo
molto poveri e molto felici."

The Parisienne.

18 commenti:

  1. These photographs are absolutely gorgeous!! I love it

  2. i couldn't be more agree with u,everything must be great connected with Paris!:))

  3. Beautiful pictures....You are very lucky to get to go to such a beautiful city! Enjoy!

  4. Thank you all for your words left!
    I really love this city! And I think everyone should have
    the opportunity to visit at least once in their life!

  5. just beautiful photos. I have never been to France (except in the Paris airport :( Have a great time!!

  6. Thank you Natasha,I advise you to plan a trip at the first
    good opportunity!!!

  7. Wow. Arabella I have to tell you - I love this blogpost. Wow. Such great pictures of beautiful places. It makes you wanna gain loads of money to experiance each and every spot.
    Love it!

  8. Wow, Have an amazing time!! These photos are stunning! Thanks for the IFB friend request :)

    Kirstin Marie

  9. Love your blog, thank you! Used some of your Paris-pics on my blog. Hope you don't mind??

    Xx Sophie

  10. hello :) just wanted to let u know that I've tagged you with a stylish blogger award :)

  11. your blogs is lovely! the pictures are everything are amazing!


  12. thanks for stopping by babe (:
    are all those pictures taken by yourself? amazing!

  13. Have fun, I have yet to visit this amazing place. But soon will, hopefully :)

  14. Wow ! great photos!!!!!!Really love them!!!I wish i visit this wonderful place soon!!!!!


  15. Just got back from Paris ....
    and I already feel a lack of that fabulous city!
    I really spent a wonderful and lovely days ....
    Thank you all for your beautiful words that you leave here ...
    and to continue to follow my blog!
    Lots of hugs for all of you.
    With Love.
    The Parisienne.

  16. sono andata a parigi a febbraio per la prima volta e me ne sono innamorata totalmente...nn pennsavo d'innamorarmi cosi tanto di una città...complimenti per il blog, passa dal mio se ti va!!

  17. @IN THE NIGHT WE TRUST : Grazie mille per le tue parole qui. Parigi è una città magica... impossibile non innamorarsene!


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