mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

Bohemian Chic - So Romantic So Vintage.

{ Bohemian Chic }
Is a comfortable and romantic combination of vintage 
and modern styles, from flowy tops to colorful layers,
 chunky accessories to embroidered flourishes.

Boho Girl
Free. Radical. Independent.
Her style is her own. It's personal, existential.
Her only fear convention. Her only weakness , shoe.
The bump on her nose adds character, the scar on her shoulder adds strenght,
the curl in her hair adds attitude.
There is no such thing as imperfection, just originality.
Unmovable, Unshakeable , Unstoppable,
Someone both inspired and inspiring.
She embrace her spirituality,
aspires to her dreamslive trough her passion.
She is a world changer.
She is Bohemian.
She is a boho girl.

And i'm feeling so bohemian...
The Parisienne.

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  1. Oh I miss spring so much :(( I'm snowed in...
    Love the photo selection.

  2. I can't wait for springtime. Thank fully I will be stepping away from this cold to Jamaica next month. I love bohemian chic! Those pink ruffle panties are soo darn cute and sexy. The tat made even that more appealing. I would love to have those to walk around my boy toy and just tease the heck out of him ;)

  3. I'm going right away to figure a Boho Chic look for tomorrow! This post inspired me, is really good! In winter is more difficult to dress this way don't you agree?

    xx, R

  4. this makes me want summer too badly.

  5. it looks so cute! i love it! that's why i love so much Nicole Richie's style, because she always get to looks like those girls in the photos = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. Adore the brown carry-all... and the ruffled panties! So girly. Love them!

  7. I love the bohemian chic look! :)

  8. Lovely Blog, Beautiful style , Great post!

  9. Oh I love this style, it is SO "Gypsy" great blog post, thanks for sharing.

  10. I love Boho Chic, it's my fav. style because it's very comfortable and so free-spirited for the spring and summer.


  11. Thank you Girls for stopping and leave your impression!

  12. Omg I really love this post
    your blog is really good
    so of course I had to follow it :)
    you should check out my blog & follow it too

  13. I loved this post, this wave really boho / hippie is eternal waters a lifestyle. I love the mix and the atmosphere that emanates from this style.For goods by post, which was very well prepared, I'll be following your news. with love!

  14. Thank you @Amaryllis for your kind words...
    With love...


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