venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

The Lady of Electropop Music.

Martina Sorbara
"DRAGONETTE"of Fashion!

Martina Sorbara, Canadian, born in 1978, lives in London, 
"in the Notting Hill area".
She doesn't miss the chance to surprise her audience with energetic tracks and videos on the verge of fashion.

Since 2005 she has served as the frontwoman of the Canadian 

In a interview she said:
"I like to wear high heels but have hairy armpits.I think that's very sexy."

"My haircut is not decided. I generally cut my own hair and right now I haven't cut it in a long time,so it's like a mop."

"I pay attention to fashion because I enjoy bringing the visual aspect to the music that I write."

"I like to play a lot with androginy. I don't like sexyness, I like a bit of masculinity. In that sense, I am inspired by David Bowie."

"My favorite video is Fixing to Thrill, it plays a lot with androginy. I'm like a doll that comes to life and becomes an androgynous superhero for these children."

"I have a pair of leather pants that I wear at every show and I can't wash them so they smell really bad."

Enjoy the Video:

The Parisienne.

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  1. Ciaoooo Ho molto sentito parlare di lei! Credo che il suo stile vinca davvero! è innovativa, fresca e ha un buon appiglio sulle riviste di moda. L' articolo è fantastico XOXO Callisto

  2. never knew about her, she is great!
    ♠ ♠ ♠



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