venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

What's your Wish for this Christmas?

One of my greatest desires is to spend Christmas in one of the capitals of Europe to the north, in the birthplace of Santa Claus.
Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland in Finland, a city of snow and polar lights.Landscapes and scenarios that are unique worldwide.

The trip to this part of Finland, better known as Lapland, is an opportunity to try new experiences, such as the reindeer-drawn sleigh ride, perhaps even those of SantaClaus (Comet, Lightning, weasel, Arrow, Dancer, Saltarello Donato and Cupid), to admire the spectacular play of light and the Northern Lights along the enchantinglandscapes of the Arctic, forests and vast expanses of snow aboard snowmobiles.

What child has not dreamed of meeting Santa Claus?
            and above all,how many letters we wrote to him
                         Just as every year ...
Dear Santa,this year i have been very good,and i think i deserve a little something under the tree.So this is year i would like...i would likei would like

May all your Whishes come true, Merry Christmas!
Che tutti i vostri sogni possano diventare realtà.Buon Natale!


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  1. Merry Christmas. I wish you all the best.

  2. Hello, it's the first time I see your blog and I must say I'm impressed! It's really creative and fashionable.. By the way, this blog post is so interesting because the place you describe is so idyllic, now I wish I could go there too!

    Sincerely posh,

    PS. Thanks for the add on IFB!

  3. d.Lo: Many thanks to you for your sweet words!


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