mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010

Shoes are never enough.

Stephanie Connolly said:"Give a girl the right pair of shoes... And she can conquer the world!"    A Cinderella served one crystal shoe, to marry her Prince and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, it was enough for one pair of red to go back home. Today, according to a recent survey, a 30 years old woman has at least 30/40 pairs of shoes.Of course then there people like Imelda Marcos had 2700 pairs, or Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, which had several hundred. 

                              But how many shoes we really need?
               What we really are obsessed from the Fashion system?

I'm sure of one thing, that how many shoes we will never have a life, they will never be enough!!!
And you, how many pairs of shoes do you have?
 (and how many actually wear it)?

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  1. I have like... over 10 pairs. I try to wear them a least once a month, but it's difficult! And I still want more! :D My fiancée doesn't understands this love :(

  2. Wow! This photo make my crazy! I looooove shoes!!!!!!

  3. Darling girl are you trying to kill me with all these glorious photos of shoes?! They are my biggest weakness! Of course, a girl can never have too many shoes :) Paris in Pink

  4. One day I will have a closet like that of my own. Gorgeous!

  5. Does anyone know what the last pair are called and where I can get them. The pair in the chic foto, with the buckles, and the socks??? I really want a pair.

  6. I knew you'd enjoy this post!
    Shoes like these are a dream!

  7. You're actually right!!! My mom often says that one day I should choose between me and my shoes because the room is too little for all of them (and the many others I buy every month :D )

    In Moda Veritas


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