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Parisienne meet "Seasick Mama" from NY City.

This week we are pleased to introduce you and tell you about a young American designers. Her name is Marial Eve Maher, she is 24 years old and she lives in Brooklyn New York with her boyfriend Casey Randerson. She works at a Manhattan recording studio "Pirate New York",but above all she is the creator of the new brand SEASICK MAMA.

Seasick Mama, the New York City-based t-shirt company that works directly with artists to introduce innovative exhibit and creative retail projects to boost the overall experience of any boutique, gallery, store or event. Seasick Mama focuses on apparel as an ideal canvas for promoting artists work in a contemporary, uncompromising and accessible way.

This our interview with Marial for Seasick Mama:

How did you come up with the idea of printing t-shirts?
After moving to New York City, I was soon surrounded by the artists that I loved and admired. I would attend their gallery openings and peak into their open studios and would want to take all their artwork home with me. But, unfortunately could not afford it. So, instead of hanging their work on my wall - or stuck as an image inside my digital camera, I wore their artwork closer to my heart - printed on a t-shirt.  

How important is being creative?
Being creative defines me. If I couldn't be creative I wouldn't be able to express any of my emotions, my thoughts, my goals, or even my love. Being creative gives others a window to see who I am. 

How are you linked to the world of fashion?
In New York City, the fashion world is always moving in full force. New designers, new trends, new - new - new!!! I am inspired by that. I love being challenged - so I follow what's going on in the NYC fashion world and apply it to the Seasick Mama brand and our t-shirts. If purple is the color of the season, I am using purple t-shirts. 

Why are t-shirts with slogans so successful?
Many of the Seasick Mama t-shirts images are opening to interpretation. But with slogans, people can automatically relate to them. For example, "That Means A lot, Coming From You" - people can relate to the saying - and its something that stimulates your brain.

What projects do you have for the future?
Right now, Seasick Mama has open their services to all of the creative world. This holiday season people can get their artwork and ideas printed on our super soft cotton tees at an affordable price! Only $34.00 and it's the perfect gift. Anything you can get on the computer screen, we can print. 

What does the word "fashion" mean to you and how does it influence your life? 
The word fashion, to me, means feeling good and having great composure. Walking with your head high and letting everyone else know you feel good. 

What is your greatest wish?
I wish to always be happy and have a future filled with excitement - but also normalcy. 

The online store :

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