mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

Hollywood back to the 60s style.

Love for the chignon.

It was the sixty years and she was among the first women to wear it with a single class ...

The word chignon {shee-nyawn} comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck and refers to a large, smooth twist, roll, or knot of hair, worn by women at the nape of the neck or the back of the head.

The chignon completes any outfit, is as perfect for a special event as it is for a day at home, and best of all, it's both elegantly demure and wonderfully sexy at the same time . . .

Today it has become a must-have, and many celebrities do not miss a chance to show with this kind of hairstyle.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I just adore yours: so many lovely images. You really have an eye for beauty... loving the hairstyles in this post :) Paris in Pink

  2. @Paris in Pink: Thank you very much for your lovely comment!


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