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Design your own Shoes with JEFF SILVERMAN.

Create your fashion today.

I have worked in the shoe industry since I was 16 years old. Over the last 30 years, I've worked for several shoe companies (such as Nike and Steve Madden as well as a few I started myself) and have been directly involved in every aspect from sales to product development to manufacturing to marketing to e-commerce.In 1992, I started a custom-shoe company that had five retail stores before it was sold. I proved that shoes could be made on demand in a short amount of time and for the same price as off-the-shelf footwear.In 1994, I launched an online children's footwear company that is still wowing customers today thanks to a selection only made-to-order offer. We learned how to provide a virtually limitless variety of styles, colors and materials only possible where shoes are made to order instead of styles, colors and materials only possible where shoes are made to order instead of made in advance and stored in inventory.In 1995, I launched a business which ran e-commerce sites for fashion companies. It was with our largest client, Steve Madden, that I learned that made-to-order shoes could provide the freshest fashion. We proved that we could have what was hot precisely when it was hot. We also perfected the ability for consumers to design their own colors - and even their own shoe. In fact, this is why Steve Madden bought our company and named me president.My team decided to leave Steve Madden in order to start Jeff Silverman. It is my firm conviction that must-have fashion brings joy to many people. This company's purpose is to adapt to trends in real time and deliver continuous must-have fashion straight to you. We invite you to experience Fashion Nirvana.

      You desire it, We make it!Guaranteed.

- Jeff Silverman

Per tutti coloro che ancora non conoscessero Jeff,è stato nel settore calzaturiero per 30 anni ed è stato l'ex presidente del famosissimo brand americano Steve Madden. Ora è pronto per una nuova esperienza,dove ciascuno di noi può finalmente realizzare le scarpe che ha sempre desiderato.Un sogno che diventa realtà,un negozio on-line dove poter scegliere tra moltissimi modelli,colori, tessuti e dove è possibile personalizzarle nel modo e nella maniera che più si desidera,il tutto comodamente da casa e con un solo click.
Vi sembra troppo facile? Visitate il suo negozio alla vostra destra qui sul mio blog!

The Christmas Giveaway!
And now a surprise for all of  you,Christmas is coming, and thanks to the collaboration between The Parisienne and Jeff Silverman will be given the chance to win a fantastic pair of shoes, and what better occasion than to flaunt them during the upcoming holidays Christmas? How?        It will be easy, stay tuned ...
Ed ora una sorpresa per tutti voi,Natale si sta avvicinando,e grazie alla collaborazione tra The Parisienne e Jeff Silverman vi verrà data la possibilità di vincere un fantastico paio di scarpe,e quale miglior occasione se non quella di poterle sfoggiare durante le imminenti festività natalizie? Come? Sarà semplicissimo,continuate a seguirmi...


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  1. Can't wait for your collaboration the shoes are so pretty!

    Make sure to look out for my surprise Chanel giveaway tomorrow

  2. oooh sounds like a great giveaway! i'll definitely stay tuned... excited!


  3. that sounds like an amazing giveaway. I'll def stay tuned. =]

  4. i am so waiting for it!i love jeff silevrman shoes! can all readers get that? from usa,europe,asia,africa etc? i am from greece so can i participate too?

  5. @mariannaxoxo: Of Course,it will be for all my readers from every places!
    So Stay Tuned! Love.

  6. This sounds like a great idea!! I will definitely stay tuned!


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